Tenant Handbook

Civil Disturbances


Although riots and civil disturbances are rare, there is still a need for a planned course of action in the event a civil disturbance erupts.  Should a disturbance start outside the building, the Management Office will:

  • Secure all building entrances.

  • Notify the police.

  • Notify the tenants.

  • Prevent access to all suites.


In the event that a civil disturbance initiates inside the building:

  • Make sure all occupants are in your office and lock your suite doors including the main entrance.  Assign a responsible individual to stand by the entrance door with a key allowing authorized personnel only to enter and leave. 

  • Immediately notify the Management Office and provide the following information:

    -  Exact location of the disturbance, demonstrators and/or rioters

  •   Approximate number of demonstrators or rioters

    -  Your name, company name and call back number